Serverwatch: A GUI for the Linux NWN Server
ServerWatch is a GUI interface for the Linux NWN Server. It uses the KDE toolkit. I have changed the interface a bit from the server GUI that Bioware made for windows. The biggest change is that I have grouped the widgets into two Tabs ("Server" and "Game"), and provided a third Tab ("Messages") that logs all server messages, and allows you to send commands to the server manually if you wish.

I have finally released version 1.0 of Serverwatch. As far as I'm concerned, it's done. However, if you have bug reports or ideas for improvements, please let me know at:

Download serverwatch-1.0.tar.gz (550 kB)

See the file README for installation and usage instructions.

Screen Shots

   Server Tab

   Game Tab

   Messages Tab

Jason Harris
<jharris AT 30doradus DOT org>
LMCBoy on NWN forums